"Dear Jeffrey,

. . . Again, thank you for the effort and research you put into The Seventh Trumpet.

As a minister,
I especially appreciate your effort because I am somewhat aware of the political boondogles involved in the creation and the rewriting of the Old Testament in about 600 B.C.

"The Catholic Church through Paul and his followers wrote, rewrote, edited, revised and censored for seven hundred years or so, in
creating the 'Word of God'.

"Not one person in a thousand realizes that for the first hundred or two hundred years, Christianity was far different - far more spiritual - far more magical and far more gnostic in outlook.

"The early Christian Church even had women as priests and at least one bishop before the
thought control and persecution of the church.

So thank you so much for looking into the corners and cracks where the soul of Christianity still resides."

Kenneth Courtney Retired Professor, U of C.

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